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To use science as a tool for enhancing a better economy for Nigeria by  creating  avenues for young people to use research as a tool for personal, regional, national and global developments.

Becoming  an organization known for bridging the gap between science and society.

Becoming a world class organization that promotes research and developments by involving young people in research process and creating an avenue for them to become future Nobel laureate winners in any scientific field.

Communicate science effectively.


Science Times is a youth led initiative with the aim of using science for development by communicating science effectively. We are bothered about the lack of effective use of the numerous benefits that science offers to create a sustainable environment and a creative and or innovative economy for Nigeria. We seek to create an enabling environment for the underserved youths to use science for personal, national, regional and global developments. Strengthening creativity and innovation among underserved youths is one of our major aims  but we also seek to enhance public understanding of global issues such as global warming, water, food, health among others.

We also focus on developing science communication in Nigeria and rejuvenating students interest in mathematics and physical sciences.


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